backdate back‧date [ˌbækˈdeɪt ǁ ˈbækdeɪt] verb [transitive]
1. if a change in an amount paid is backdated, it has its effect from an earlier date:
backdate be backdated to

• Postal workers are getting a 3.3% wage rise backdated to October.

2. to put a date on a document that is earlier than the real date:

• It was alleged that he had backdated the sale documents to evade a court order.

* * *

backdate UK US /ˌbækˈdeɪt/ /ˈ--/ verb [T]
to make something effective from a date earlier than the present date: »

They agreed that the pay increase would be backdated to July.


Those signing up before October will have their pension payments backdated.

to put a date on a document that is earlier than the date when you wrote it: »

The jury's verdict recognized that backdating options with intent to deceive is a crime.


backdate a cheque

Compare POST-DATE(Cf. ↑post-date)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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